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Come work with us

Teaching is an art.

The effective teacher must be able to cater to the pupils’ learning needs and stretch them to their fullest potential. 
Beyond just being effective, they must possess the passion and teach with a heart,

to inspire the individuals under their care to be a better person and contributes to society. 

If this is your belief, we welcome you to join us, either as a part timer or a full timer. 
We are looking for Math teachers (NIE trained) to join us. 



How to Apply

We require all of the following documents to be submitted in order for us to process your application.

Kindly upload all documents as one attachment file.

- Resume or Curriculum Vitae

- Cover Letter

- 'O' Level Certificate

- 'A' Level Certificate / Diploma Certificate and Transcript

- University Degree Certificate and Transcript

- Masters Degree Certificate and Transcript (If applicable)

Kindly email to us at 
If you have been shortlisted, we will contact you within 2 weeks from date of application.

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