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JC 1 & 2 (H2 MATH)

The H2 Programme @ Ammiel Wan Academy is designed to achieve the following:

  • Help pupils to justify their solutions

  • Support their reasoning and prove mathematical statements and inductions.

  • Communicate through reasoning and logical thinking

  • Apply formulas to real world problems

  • Interpret mathematics solutions and formulate different models of solutions.


Taught by Ms Joli Tjang who is an adjunct university lecturer who connects very well with her pupils, she holds a Masters in Science, specializing in Mathematics from NTU. Ms Joli also holds a Bachelor of Science (2nd Upper Honors) from National University of Singapore, with a major in Statistics and Mathematics. A graduate of Temasek Junior College, she completed GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations with 7 distinctions.

She has many years of experiences in teaching both H1 and H2 Mathematics as well as Standard Mathematics at the International Baccalaureate level. As a curriculum leader, she has helped many institutions and schools redesign their Mathematics curriculum. She has also edited and reviewed many Mathematics textbooks and teacher resource materials. 


JC 1 & JC 2 Schedule

JC 1:

Sunday, 1000 - 1200, Miss Joli

JC 2:

Sunday, 1220 - 1420, Miss Joli

Mr Wan was clearly the reason for my major improvements on both Add Math and E Math from two F9s to now 2 A1s. Overall, it is an interesting experience to study here where I have learnt a ton of life values and also getting taught by Mr Wan.

- Trecia Oh (Presbyterial High, YJC)

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