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At primary 1 and 2, our lessons include learning experiences that will help to improve pupils’ spatial visualization skills.  Through the innovative use of manipulatives, we design our curriculum to lead our pupils to think out of the box. We scaffold the learning of the concepts by connecting to their prior hands on experience. As opposed to rote learning, this approach helps to build  a strong foundation for future problem-solving in them.

Primary 1 & 2 Schedule

Primary 1:

Thursday, 1545 - 1715, Miss Winnie

Primary 2:

Tuesday, 1600 - 1730, Mr Daryl
Thursday, 1730 - 1900, Miss Winnie

I've learned new concepts and learn how to solve challenging problem sums easily. I used to struggle a lot in section C of the Math paper, but now, I can do it easily.​​

- Natalie Tsang (Tao Nan School) From AL4 to AL1

Ammiel Wan Academy has helped me enhance the variety of models that are used in different questions. It has also helped me to know how to draw any model that I read. It taught me many methods I did not know.

- Ignatius (Catholic High School)

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