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Besides covering the topics in the P3 and 4 syllabus, pupils will also learn the first 6 concepts required for the PSLE. By understanding how the concepts are developed, it will help them to apply their knowledge in a versatile manner. Pupils will also sharpen their heuristics skills by applying them in non-routine problems. At primary 4, this programme has 2 versions;

  • THE HA/GEP programme is for GEP pupils and pupils who scored above 90 marks in their examinations.

  • The MA programme is for pupils where more scaffolding are put in place to help them develop their understanding of the concepts.

Primary 3 & 4 Schedule

Primary 3:

Monday, 1600 - 1730, Miss Anna (HA)

Wednesday, 1600 - 1730, Miss Pui Yee

Primary 4:

Monday, 1545 - 1715, Mr Jairus

Tuesday, 1740 - 1910, Mr Daryl (HA)

Wednesday, 1745 - 1915, Miss Pui Yee (HA)

Sunday, 1430 - 1600, Miss Anna

I get to learn more new concepts and able to solve more harder problem sums using what has been taught by Ms Anna. 

Fion Tan (MGS) From D to A*

Ammiel Wan Academy has helped me tremendously for my studies. I used to get B grades for math, but after joining this tuition, my maths started to improve a lot, and I managed to achieve As.

 -Vanessa Tay (Yew Tee Primary)

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