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At primary 5, pupils will learn the next 10 concepts needed for the PSLE. In each lesson, there will be a learning experience that scaffolds the mathematical concept, followed by questions of increasing difficulties to stretch your child’s understanding. By appreciating how each concept can be connected with others, the pupils’ problem-solving abilities are further enhanced. This also helps them to be more versatile in applying their knowledge across different problems. There are 2 versions to this programme, specifically tailored for the GEP and HA, as well as the MA groups.

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Besides covering the topics in the P6 syllabus, pupils will also learn the remaining 8 concepts. During the holidays, pupils will also attend the PSLE Scaffolding programme, which allows them to identify the concepts they have learnt in the PSLE.  The curriculum will end by June and pupils will revise all 26 concepts in detail during term 3. With a comprehensive curriculum taught by our specialists,  its no surprise our pupils have been doing well in the past 10 years. 

Primary 5 & 6 Schedule

Primary 5:

Tuesday, 1545 - 1730, Mr Jairus

Thursday, 1700 - 1845, Mr Wan (HA)

Friday, 1640 - 1825, Ms Anna (HA)

Sunday, 1230 - 1415, Miss Anna

Primary 6:

Monday, 1715 - 1915, Mr Jairus (HA)

Tuesday, 1730 - 1930, Mr Jairus

Wednesday, 1700 - 1900, Mr Wan (HA)

Friday, 1630 - 1830, Mr Wan

Sunday, 1010 - 1210, Miss Anna

There is without a doubt, never a dull moment in the classes of Mr Wan. He teaches in an engaging manner which captures the interest of all students in class. Before I joined the centre, I was haplessly stuck in the 80% range. An A* seemed like a faraway dream. After attending the classes here, I finally scored my first A*. In my opinion, some of the more effective methods the trainers has taught me are the units and parts method and the internal and external transfer method which have helped me to answer questions in paper 2 that most P5 and P6 students grapple with. I am now able to approach the paper with confidence and look forward to the challenge of the PSLE.

- Shivraaj (Rosyth School)

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