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This programme is targeted at pupils who are taking both Additional and Elementary classes at Secondary 3 and 4. While the Additional Math classes are on a weekly basis, our Elementary Math classes are on a modular basis. Each topic is broken down into concepts and pupils have ample practice of problems belonging o the same concept before progressing to the next. At Sec 4, besides covering the main blocks of Differentiation’ and ‘Integration’, they will also attempt revision questions that cut across topics and more complex in applications. More than 90% of our cohorts have scored distinctions in the past 10 years. 


Secondary 3 & 4 Schedule

Secondary 3:

Tuesday, 1945 - 2115, Mr Wan (E MATH)
Saturday, 1120 - 1320, Mr Wan (ADD MATH)

Secondary 4:

Friday, 1845 - 2045, Mr Wan (O)
Saturday, 0900 - 1100, Mr Wan (IP/IB)

I have been here for 6 years since Primary 5. Here, I am exposed to questions that really test my understanding of concepts. Plus, they teach ahead of school so I don’t struggle too much in school. The lessons also push me to do my best in everything I set out to do. The comfortable atmosphere coupled with the nurturing style of my teacher allows me to clarify my doubts  at ease. I find it especially interesting and meaningful the way Mr Wan goes through the problems, especially the abstract ones. 

- Carolyn Ooi (Raffles Girls School)

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