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Best PSLE Math tuition


  • Trainer was very clear and concise in explanation. He gave many vivid down-to-earth examples that are useful for teaching pupils.

  • Gaining useful insights into creative ways on how to solve problems.

  • The techniques taught to solve questions are easy to understand and use in class Learnt how to help pupils to better break down problem sums.

  • Trainer was able to explain concepts clearly and had many good strategies to teach children.

  • The enthusiastic attitude of the speaker. Great teaching!

Top PSLE Math tution


  • Trainer was able to link concepts from concrete to abstract in a clear and systematic way.

  • The sharing was eye-opening and relevant. He shows us how problems can be simplified.

  • His hands-on activities showed us clearly how to use concrete before teaching word problems.

  • His strategies used in delivering the concepts across to the pupils was easy to understand.

  • Trainer was able to explain the concepts very clearly with practical examples. Great job!

No. 1 PSLE Math tuition


  • The different strategies introduced by the Trainer.

  • Very interesting and thought provoking, especially on its application.

  • An exposure to the strategies used to solve non-routine questions.

  • Clear explanantion of patterns; different ways of ‘seeing’ patterns, circles and triangles.

  • I am enlightened! Thank you.

Top PSLE Math tuition


  • Very clear explanations of model drawing.

  • Exposure to different kinds of model drawing in upper primary.

  • Trainer’s content knowledge is very good. Knows what he is teaching.

  • Trainer has planned well in delivery.

  • Succinct and with energy to engage us!

GEP Math tuition


  • Trainer is charismatic, clear and taught with enthusiasm.

  • New ways of understanding the questions.

  • Step-by-step approach with increasing level of difficulty; non-threatening environment; teacher at ease with pace of workshop.

  • Exposure to various strategies to help students as well as teachers to tackle challenging sums.

  • Worked examples and clear explanation; Step-by-step explanation.

  • Trainer showed me an alternative way of looking at a problem; context, concept and procedure and different methods shared.

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