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At Secondary 1 and 2, besides covering fundamental O-Level concepts, our pupils are intellectually challenged with a few Core Mathematics concepts studied at Secondary 3. These extra topics adequately equip them to handle harder problems. At the end of each semester, our mastery reviews questions are catered towards IP pupils. This targeted and comprehensive approach enable our pupils to achieve their fullest potential.


For 10 years, we have taught pupils from IP schools nationwide.


  • Our curriculum is designed to support and reinforce their understanding in greater depth, based on our teachers’ first-hand knowledge of individual school curriculums.

  • Our classes feature students from all IP schools in Singapore, creating an intellectually stimulating environment where pupils learn from one another.

  • All classes are taught only by our Principal himself.


As a result, almost 95% of our graduates score high distinctions for both Advance and Core Math yearly.



As a MOE – registered Math specialist centre, we have pupils mainly from ACSI, SJI, ACS International, SJI International and Hwa Chong International over the last 10 years. The rigor of the curriculum provides depth to their topics learnt in schools. The concepts taught also nurture familiarity with non-routine questions across different topics. Hence, almost 95% of our graduates scored a grade 7 for SL/HL Mathematics every year.

The time I had here was very unique compared to other enrichment centres. Here, there was no time wasted and every time spent here was used effectively and efficiently. I am always amazed how little time it took to cover topics while also being able to understand. Also, almost everything for every topic is covered in this centre which was extremely helpful. While workload can be a bit overwhelming at times, I appreciated that you were able to give us some leeway. Overall, I really appreciate the time spent here and am extremely grateful for Mr Wan for helping me throughout my primary and secondary school maths.

- Luke Chin Yao (Maris Stella High)

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