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As parents become increasingly involved with their children’s education, many of them are ‘learning’ and ‘unlearning’ with them all over again. When children are faced with difficulties in their Math problems, parents are often the first ones they will turn to for help. While many will take time to explain to their children, most parents will also bring with them their algebra knowledge and try to apply to the word problems, only to discover later that their children faced tremendous difficulties when they try to apply the abstract method in the non-routine problems.

In Ammiel Wan Academy, we empower our parents by first helping them to differentiate the difference between a conceptual and procedural mistake. We will also teach them the different ways they can approach and help with their children’s mistakes and misconceptions.

Find out more about the prospectus of workshops for parents by clicking the attachment.

The teachers in Ammiel Wan Academy are capable of covering all the topics in a holistic manner and help my daughter excel at enforcing mathematical concepts. She is now more motivated and confident in solving non routine problems.

Mrs Karen Kan, Parent of Clara Shen (SCGS)


Today, as more educators recognise the importance of strengthening their pupils’ conceptual understanding, many schools are trying to restructure and redesign their curriculum to bring about these changes.

We know that different schools are at different phases of this curriculum journey. Some schools are adopting existing resources as an interim measure, while others are trying to redesign their curriculum. As such, our programmes and consultation sessions at the Academy aim to support our fellow educators in their endeavour. Be it adaptation, adoption or total innovation, our courses and consultancy services are customised to suit the different needs of the different schools.

Ultimately, the aim is to help HODs and teachers design and customised their own school-based curriculum, which includes assessments, to suit the needs of pupils. In order to reach this desired outcome, it is important that teachers have the theoretical underpinnings that form these curriculum innovations.


                    to find out more about the professional development for educators. 

The trainer was clear in his explanations and injected humour appropriately to help us understand better and also kept the teachers actively engaged throughout.

- Sajini (Educator), Anderson Pri School

Training Prospectus for Educators

Click on the icon and download the prospectus to find out more about the courses that we have designed for schools and educators. Workshops and training are conducted by Mr Ammiel Wan himself.

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Testimonies from Schools

Click on the icon to find out what teachers and HODs have to say about our workshops and seminars. Many have benefitted from the deep learning and they have embraced the strategies taught to achieve better results.

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