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Ammiel Wan Academy is the leading Singapore Math specialist school that is behind the creation of all the Math concepts used in schools today. Our founder, Mr Ammiel Wan, has written more than 50 Mathematics resource books in the last 20 years and sold more than a million copies worldwide. As a MOE–registered specialist centre, our pupils have scored more than 90% distinction on average across the major examinations for the last decade. We also provide consultancy services to schools to help design their curriculum and approach to problem solving.


The Cognitive Conceptual Approach was created by our Principal, Mr Ammiel Wan, in 1999 when he was in MOE.  Today, more than 80% of Singapore schools are teaching problem solving using his  concepts.

There are 3 key components to this approach

  • Contextual Knowledge, which involves translating and inferring key information from the problem. 

  • Conceptual Knowledge, which connects key phrases to numbers to form key relationships (Hiebert and Lefevre, 1986).

  • Procedural Knowledge, which are the heuristics used to solve the problem.

Aligning with 21st Century Competencies

As we continue to innovate.  we developed 2 additional strategies to improve the Conceptual Approach.

Read and Write Strategy, is designed to teach pupils to translate the problem text. Pupils are taught how to interpret  key phrases to improve their comprehension skills. 

The second strategy is Parallel Questioning, a very useful tool to train pupils to identify key important phrases, which are often neglected or misinterpreted. 


Our Centre Programmes


We provide a through-train customised curriculum for your child from Primary 1 to JC 2. 

Click on the specific levels for more details about each programme.

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Hear what our graduates say


We provide consultancy services to schools in the following areas:

·    Design of school-based curriculum to develop mathematical concepts.

·    Design learning experiences to facilitate hands-on learning

·    Aligning conceptual objectives with the MOE syllabus


for a customised workshop to support the professional development of your staff.



This course will help your children unpack the concepts found in the PSLE papers for the last 10 years. During the course, we will identify the concept(s) tested in each non-routine problem and connect these concepts with what they have been learning in regular lessons. They will attempt questions of different context and difficulty, but within the same concept. At the end, your children will have a thorough understanding of the questioning style required at the PSLE. This course is designed for all P6 pupils taking the PSLE. Module 1 and 2 will be held during the March and June holidays respectively.

Last Burst to PSLE

Held during the September holidays, the 3 day programme looks at the non routine questions that were tested in the final preliminary examinations of top schools. Questions are chosen based on their uniqueness and alignment with the common concepts tested at the PSLE. This will improve their exposure and increase their confidence in the last lap. 

Ace your Add Math

Ace your Add Math brings your Sec 4 children behind the scene of the Additional/ Advance Math papers. Besides equipping your child with the correct methods, we will also help them to be familiar with the key concepts that surround each topic across the 2 years syllabus and what they need to know to ace the subject. This is a 6 hour module, held online/onsite over 3 evenings in the month of August before the students take their preliminary examinations.

Ace your E Math

Similar to the Add Math programme, the E Math programme is designed to help your Sec 4 children revise the key concepts found in each topic across the 4 years syllabus.  This is a 4 hour module, held online/onsite over 2 evenings in the month of August or September.


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Mr Ammiel Wan


Miss Anna Wong
Master Teacher


Miss Joli Tjang
Senior Lecturer

Pui Yee.jpg

Miss Lum Pui Yee
Senior Teacher


Mr Jairus Yuen
Senior Teacher

Daryl Chew

Mr Daryl Chew
Senior Teacher

Winnie Neo

Miss Winnie Neo
Senior Teacher


The concepts and strategies taught in the lessons were clear enough for me to understand and apply in the PSLE easily.

Nicholas Yap Jun Xian (Tao Nan Pri School)

From B to PSLE A*

Mr Wan helped me to build a strong foundation in my Math concepts during my    5 years here.

Damien Woo (National Junior College)

My teachers helped to lay a strong foundation in Math for me since the very beginning, and that has allowed me to grasp higher level concepts much easier.

Nicole Chay (National Junior College)

Mr Wan’s teaching allowed me to be able to understand the concepts easily and apply them in challenging questions.

Serena (SCGS, Eunoia JC)

I really enjoyed going for lessons at the Academy as the teachers and students are all very friendly and hardworking, always adding to the spirit of the class.

Bliss Ong (Cedar Girls School, VJC)

Mr Wan is a passionate and nurturing teacher. I really appreciate how he is always willing to adjust the pace of lessons in order to suit our learning styles.

 Loi Yixuan (Nanyang Girls High School, HCI)

After being taught by Mr Wan for the last 5 years, he has made the subject really easy to comprehend. Furthermore, he is able to come up with simple methods that can be applied to solve all the problems easily.

Josephine Iksan (Raffles Girls School)

This Academy has definitely helped me tremendously and the lessons were thoroughly engaging! My Add Math grades jumped up by 6 grades (E8 to A2) under the guidance of Mr Wan.

Phyllis Thong En (CHIJ St Nicholas)


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